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Sun Sand Sea CornHole Board Skin Decal Kit

Sun Sand Sea CornHole Board Skin Decal Kit

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These are easy-to-apply, premium vinyl-wraps that you can slap on your Cornhole Board set. Each print is 24.5" in width and 48.5" in height. This will give you a little room to trim to fit your board exact. 

Installation Instructions:
You will need to make sure the surface has been prepped properly to ensure a strong contact. If your boards are made from wood (a very porous surface), you will need to seal the surface with a product such as sanding-sealer, primer, paint, or other liquid curable substances. If the surface is not prepared correctly, your skin will not stick and may peel off easily! 

Small adhesion sample skin swatches will be packaged with your order to ensure that your corn hole board skins will stick properly! You will be able to use these as tests before applying the skin you ordered.

NOTE: Boards not included.

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