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Horti Cubic 52 cu. ft. Outdoor Vertical Storage Shed

Horti Cubic 52 cu. ft. Outdoor Vertical Storage Shed

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If space is limited, turn to this narrow-profile vertical storage box from Horti Cubic to store outdoor essentials that need protection from harsh environs. It's constructed with HDPE and assembles seamlessly to inhibit pest and moisture incursion. Easily add up to four separately-sold shelves and secure into position. The double-door handles come together on the front so you can fasten a padlock for extra security.

About this item

  • Multipurpose Outdoor Storage Shed – Ideal for keeping your backyard, garden space, or garage more organized this versatile and vertical storage shed provides 52 cu. ft. of space for tools, toys, generator, gardening accessories, or other essentials.

  • Heavy-Duty HDPE Plastic Construction – Our outdoor patio storage shed is made with a high-density polyethylene instead of traditional plastic or wood which means it won’t rot, offers colorfast fade resistance, and supports tons of outdoor gear.

  • Water and Weather-Resistant Protection – This plastic storage shed offers superior weather resistant and multi-purpose storage which means it can stand up to rain, snow, windy days, sunny skies, and all those ever-changing natural elements.

  • Easy to Anchor with Lockable Doors – Each Horti Cubic all-weather plastic outdoor storage shed can be anchored to a deck, porch, or the ground, boasts a convenient drain in case of spills, water, or messes, and has lockable doors for added security.

  • DIY Assembly with Maintenance-Free Use – Offering quick and easy assembly this small storage shed is easy to put together and place almost anywhere. You can even add multiple shelves (not included) to the inside to expand your storage options.


Brand Horti Cubic
Cream White Vertical Storage Shed 52 cu. ft.
Material High Density Polyethylene
Item dimensions L x W x H 127 x 73.9 x 208 Centimeters / 50 x 29 x 82 Inch
Item weight 118 Pounds
Style Storage Shed
Top material type Plastic, Polyethylene
Water resistance level Waterproof
Door style Sliding Doors
Ultraviolet light protection UV protect


Horti Cubic Vertical Storage Box I

About Horti Cubic

We've got space!

  • A professional design and development team offering versatile solutions to storage and space needs.
  • Specialize in Walk-in Storage Sheds, Deck Boxes, Balcony Storages, Cabinets, Shelving.
  • Outdoor storage solutions known for being durable, beautiful and functional.
  • Made from the most innovative technologies and sustainable materials.
  • Enhance people's spaces and last a lifetime.
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Product Description:

Detailed Packing List: HORTI CUBIC double-layer storage cabinet is packed in 3 BOXES, marked with '1 of 3', '2 of 3' and '3 of 3'.

No.1 Box: Grey Roof Panel, Black Floor Panel.

No.2 Box: 2pcs Doors, 2pcs Back Panels, 2pcs Side Panels, Screw Accessories Package, Assemble Tools, Installation Instructions.

No.3 Box: 2pcs Doors, 2pcs Back Panels, 2pcs Side Panels, 12pcs Strength the Connecting Rod.

ATTENTION: You may receive two boxes first, the last one will be delivered later!

  • Material: HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
  • Color: Grey Roof, Cream White Wall, Black Floor
  • Process: Blow Molded With Double-Wall Panels
  • Overall Capacity: 52 cu. ft.
  • Overall Weight: 118 lbs.
  • Note: No Shelves Included!

Dimension-Ideal Deck Size

Exterior Size:

50” L x 29” W x 82” H

Interior Size:

46” L x 25.2” W x 77.2” H

These vertical storage sheds fit perfectly in a wider range of spaces so you can use them in the backyard by your grill or garden, or inside in a garage.

  • Mini-Bike
  • Kids' Toys
  • Lawnmower
  • Garden Tools
  • Patio Accessories
  • Can Hold 1~4 Shelves

Store and Organize Outdoor Equipment, Gardening Tools, and More with a Versatile Storage Shed from Horti Cubic

The 52 Cu. Ft. Outdoor Vertical Storage Shed is the ultimate multipurpose solution for all of your outdoor storage needs. This strong, durable shed is perfect for storing gardening equipment, pool toys, garage accessories, barbecue utensils, bicycles, and anything else you may need to store. With 52 cu. ft. of space, you can fit plenty of items and even add shelving for even more storage. Its versatile design makes it perfect for use in your backyard, garage, patio, balcony, and everywhere else you need to store things. Get the right shed and outdoor storage solution for you and make storage easier.

Product Features:

Better Protect Contents

This 52 cu. ft. storage shed has four doors that come together in the middle and can be locked to better protect contents from being stolen when you aren't around.

Water and UV Resistant

The best thing about our outdoor sheds for storage is that they are snow, rain, and water resistant and maintain their beautiful color even after years of outside use.

Demure Color Scheme

These small, compact outdoor sheds feature a grey room, cream white walls, and a black floor to better match and blend into different deck, patio, garage, or other spaces.

Ideal Deck Size

At 50” L x 29” W x 82” H in size these small storage sheds fit perfectly in a wider range of spaces so you can use them in the backyard by your grill or garden, or inside in a garage.

Add Matched Optional Shelving:

  • The shelves are sold separately.
  • The storage shed can accommodate up to 2 shelves, order 1 piece or 2 piece to meet your needs.
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